May 7, 2019

When you run a small business, compliance is a big deal

In today’s constantly changing regulatory environment, small business ownercomplying with employment laws is a big deal for any company, no matter the size. But it can be especially challenging for small businesses, with smaller HR departments to manage shifting rules, and fewer employees to spread the fixed costs of compliance over. The cost, in both time and money, can be significantly higher than it is for larger companies.


Automating your HR processes can go a long way toward reducing compliance headaches. But traditional, on-premise workforce management platforms have historically been both cost-prohibitive and impractical for small business, leaving them to rely on paper records and cumbersome manual processes to manage their compliance efforts. Today’s cloud-based workforce solutions offer a faster, simpler, automated approach to workforce management – and can help you streamline your compliance processes. With an automated solution like Workforce Go! HCM, you can:

  • Have all your employee records in one place
  • Consistently apply HR policies
  • Automate time and attendance tracking to help ensure compliance with wage and overtime regulations
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Set up different rules for different classes of employees
  • Automatically produce the necessary compliance documents


As your company grows, the labor laws and regulations that govern your workforce will evolve. The right workforce solution needs to be flexible enough to adapt to your changing compliance needs. Here are some things to look for:

  • The solution is easy to learn and can be accessed anywhere, from any device.
  • It can be easily deployed today, and quickly configured to accommodate future needs.
  • It integrates seamlessly with your other critical applications.
  • Your solution provider can push compliance changes to you, rather than you having to pull them from the provider.


It’s critical, especially as your company grows, that you’re not relying on a patchwork of manual processes, spreadsheets, and disconnected applications to ensure compliance with the broad range of federal, state, and local regulations that govern your business. Workforce Go! HCM is the automated workforce solution that can streamline your compliance efforts. Want to know more? Contact us today at or 214-800-5575.


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