Better Together - Workforce Go! HCM and Acumatica

Discover the power of our bidirectional integration between Acumatica Advanced Construction, Advanced Distribution or Advanced and Workforce Go! HCM to effortlessly unite your payroll processes, time management, and finance operations.

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Built for Acumatica on the Acumatica Open API

Workforce Go! HCM has extensive experience creating bidirectional integrations with some of the largest ERPs. With Acumatica, we’ve created an award-winning single source of truth to sync your real time HCM data.

Save a Tremendous Amount of Time and Effort, and Reach Business Outcomes Faster

Increase Efficiency

Automate data entry processes, integrate data with our data push forms to write data back to your ERP.

Save on Labor Costs

Automate labor-intensive and manual work, take back your time, and save hours every week.

Make Faster Decisions

Become more data driven. Deliver insights at scale, with repeatable, live, automated reports.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"The integration itself makes our job a lot easier. It’s a piece of cake because everything just kind of bleeds over into the other system"

Michelle Martel

HR Director - Muddy Water Dredging Solutions

"We really like the system. The ease of use customer service and ultimately that combination led us to choose Workforce Go! as the best solution for us"

Chris Iverston

Controller - Industrial Project Innovation

"It can handle the complexities of our company and allows us to bring different information into Acumatica to do different analytics like how many payroll dollars and hours per division and per employee. We brought all that information into Acumatica. It was very helpful."

Matt Stoner

Chief Financial Officer - Dakota Red Corporation

Streamline Payroll and Operational Efficiency with Workforce Go! HCM: Seamless Employee Data Synchronization for Accurate, Real-time Results

Seamlessly synchronize employee details, cost centers, payroll allocations, time entries, and more, ensuring a unified experience in real-time. With Workforce Go! HCM as your employee data single source of truth, rest assured that the information mirrored in Acumatica is always up-to-date and accurate. Workforce Go! HCM offers functionality to fully support Construction Payroll requirements Union Fringe Calculation, Prevailing Wage Fringe Offset, and Certified Payroll. Construction Payroll - Workforce Go!

Other Integrations

Seamlessly integrate payroll, people, and time for a unified solution that offers faster and more accurate processing, more effective forecasting, and improved reporting capability. Find out more about our other bidirectional integrations here: