Better Together - Workforce Go! HCM and Sage Intacct

Discover the power of our bidirectional integration between Sage Intacct, Standard or Construction, and Workforce Go! HCM to effortlessly unite your payroll processes, time management, and finance operations.

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Save a Tremendous Amount of Time and Effort, and Reach Business Outcomes Faster

Increase Efficiency

Automate data entry processes, integrate data with our data push forms to write data back to your ERP.

Save on Labor Costs

Automate labor-intensive and manual work, take back your time, and save hours every week.

Make Faster Decisions

Become more data driven with real time, integrated dimensional reporting.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

"We have moved away from a lot of manual work. One thing, putting in the information to the GL, that's a snap."

Ronica Mathis

CFO - Neighborhood Medical Center

"We wanted to improve the automation that we had with our payroll. We wanted to have less touches on the data. And we wanted to make that integration seamless. We were able to accomplish that with Workforce Go! HCM."

Jodie Heal

President - Heal Accounting

"The integration between Workforce Go! HCM and Sage Intacct has been incredible. From integration to go-live, both continue to exceed our expectations."

Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.

Real-Time Employee Data Integration for Precision and Timeliness

Welcome to a seamless experience where employee details, timesheets, project/task data, dimensions, and more sync effortlessly in real-time. Embrace Workforce Go! HCM as your ultimate source of truth for employee data, ensuring constant accuracy and up-to-date information mirrored in Sage Intacct. Say farewell to manual data entry and embrace a streamlined, efficient solution tailored to meet your unique payroll and operational requirements. Workforce Go! HCM provides comprehensive support for Construction Payroll, including Union Fringe Calculation, Prevailing Wage Fringe Offset, and Certified Payroll functionalities. Construction Payroll - Workforce Go!

Other Integrations

Seamlessly integrate payroll, people, and time for a unified solution that offers faster and more accurate processing, more effective forecasting, and improved reporting capability. Find out more about our other bidirectional integrations here: