We pride ourselves on being the experts in handling your payroll, managing your human resources, and optimizing your time management. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of your organization and your employees, achieved through careful and active listening. Our customer-centric team is devoted to your success and will walk with you every step of the way. When you choose us, we make the complex seem easy.

With our forefront HCM technology, organizations can enjoy all the benefits without compromising on service. We offer personalized training and support for our clients. Our experienced professionals, well-versed in your business operations, will handle your HCM complexities. Experience top-tier solutions combined with a high level of individualized support.

Workforce Go! Training

The Workforce Go! Training Team offers virtual training sessions highlighting features in the Workforce Go! HCM platform. These training sessions cover Workforce Go! HCM Solutions such as Time and Labor Management, Payroll, and Human
Resources. These trainings are designed to educate you on the Workforce Go! HCM platform, allowing you and your business more time to focus on what you do best.

Time and Labor Management:

This Course covers the essential concepts for managing time information using the Workforce Go! HCM system. You will
develop a deeper understanding of concepts that govern recording employee time and labor, both on an employee and company level. You will learn about timesheet architecture, reporting, viewing and approving timesheets and successfully preparing timesheets for payroll.


This training is designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the Payroll Prep checklist and the steps required to process a payroll. You will learn about company-level configuration, employee-related functions, how to initiate a payroll, adding/editing pay statements, checking totals, creating basic payroll reports, troubleshooting tips, and ultimately, how to submit payroll to Workforce Go! HCM.

Human Resources:

This training is designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the Human Resources (HR) Module within Workforce Go! HCM. You will learn about HR configuration and architecture, recording HR data on the employee record, maximizing the system’s core HR functionality and HR reporting.

Payroll Services

Workforce Go! HCM Payroll

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An integrated payroll engine that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options.

Workforce Go! HCM Payroll Datasheet

Workforce Go! HCM Full Service Payroll


6 phases in our “No Chance For Failure” implementation process: Introductions & Planning, Discovery & Solution Preparation, Solution Build & Configuration, Quality Assurance & Testing, Go Live & Support, Optimization (Post Go Live Engagement with Client Account Relationship Manager

Implementation Process Overview

Introduction & Planning: Discovery & Solution Preparation: Solution Build & Configuration:
  • Kickoff
  • Project Manager & Team Introduction
  • Project Methodology Review
  • Checklist Items & Deliverables
  • Solution Core Training
  • Client Discovery Process & Documentation
  • Review Best Practices
  • Approve Discovery Documents
  • Data Extraction & Client Data Imports Builds
  • Module(s) Build & Configurations
  • Integration(s) Build & Configurations
  • Time Clock Installation & Configuration (If Applicable)
  • Solution Additional Training (Self e-Learning)
  • Solution Additional Training (Administrator Training/Configuration Specific)
Quality Assurance & Testing: Go Live & Support: Optimization (Post Go Live Engagement with Client Success Account Relationship Manager):
  • Testing and Training Meetings
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Employee/Manager Internal Training
  • Validate Historical Data
  • Parallel Testing
  • Live Utilization of Solution
  • Process 1st and 2nd Live Payroll
  • Introduction to Client Services (Tier 1 Support) and Dedicated Account Management Team Members
  • Transition to Tier 1 Client Support
  • Review Updated Client Requirements & Strategies for Possible Optimization of Current Solution
  • Review Updated Client Requirements & Strategies for Possible Additional Solution Functionality Requirements
  • Review Updated Client Requirements & Strategies for Possible Additional Learning Requirements