“Workforce Go! is much more than an integration tool. It’s capable of managing project accounting complexities and allocating costs of sales and operations as well as employee time. And, all of this happens with the click of a button.”

– Akash Sud, Finance Director, Cognitive Scale Inc.

“FEELING SUPPORTED IS A WONDERFUL THING. “I love having designated client specialists. I can email or call them any time and I usually get a response that same day. It is wonderful to always have someone there for me. I know who to call for each issue, and can rely on 4 or 5 different people.”

– Erika Seitz, The Speech Pathology Group

“The HCM Workforce GO!/Acumatica GL Integration is super flexible and efficient. It was able to handle our complex organization structure with multiple companies and branches.”

– Matt Stoner, Dakota Red, CFO

“Workforce Go! got my payroll processing time down from three days to a matter of hours! We couldn't be happier!”

– Client, Dallas, TX

“Overall, the Bruce team said the hardest part about the Time and Labor implementation was just getting everything setup. There are so many ‘little’ settings in TLM, it was hard to connect the dots at first. We love the system functionality and said the more we are in it the better it is!  We truly appreciated the time Beth took with them and said that the Workforce Go! team was very helpful throughout the project.”

– Bruce Oakley
5-Star Customer Review Rating5-Star Customer Review Rating

“Irene, our Account Specialist, is typically very responsive and informative. The support is fantastic.”

– Colorado Dental Association
5-Star Customer Review Rating5-Star Customer Review Rating

“Overall, the implementation was as smooth as it could be, which means a lot!! The support has been solid and the customer service was on point. This has been a very good investment.”

– Levi’s Building Components

“The support has been fantastic!  Our Account Specialist always works diligently to provide us help and direction and is very patient with us, especially when we inquire about the specific workings of the system on the backend.””

– River Edge Behavioral Health

“We really like the system and loved working one-on-one with our consultants. The GL integration is working good!”

– Southeast Alaska Power Agency

“Fantastic Account Specialists.”

– VPay, Inc.

“Our Account Specialist, Erika is fantastic. She followed up to share that an edit I suggested to be changed (in the future, to make Workforce Go! more user-friendly) will indeed be included in a future release.  That’s going above-and-beyond Erika’s call of duty, and I find this extra effort very reassuring that Workforce Go! is doing everything to make this product the BEST it can be!  Erika is really amazing and continues to represent Workforce Go! very well.”

– William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
5-Star Customer Review Rating5-Star Customer Review Rating

“This experience has been fantastic.”

– Carpenters Trust of Western Washington

“Nice, calm, and thorough in his customer service and treatment of me during my (and my agency’s) panic attack.  He asked the right questions.  He checked in with the right people on his side, and even though he could not provide me with a fix per se he provided me with a reasonable direction in which to move forward.  That did end up being the way I (and my finance team) needed to move.  Thank you, Charlie, for all of your help and for being calm and reasonable while I was in my panic mode!”

– Community Action Partnership of Ramey and Washington Counties

“We haven’t regretted our decision to move from Lanteria to Workforce Go!  We see a bright future. Beth Ryder has been an amazing asset to our team. The account specialists are great assets. Their core knowledge is astounding and they are quick to respond and usually know how to handle the situations themselves. We truly appreciate this.”

– Delta Health Alliance

“We would have never gotten through Go-Live without Karen Baumann & Beth Ryder. It was Wonderful, Angela Rachel spent her time on the HR side setup. I am always really impressed by Lee Hinton. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable on the software development side, but also embodies the true spirit of customer service both in action and empathy – which is really hard to come by.”

– Denver Regional Council of Governments

“The team is great to work with. They are very Responsive and willing to help. Adding Workforce Go! solved a lot of our problems in streamlining processes for us in a way we never had!  We truly love the Workforce Go! system.”

– Jokake Construction

“The team did a phenomenal job on this project. Despite contact changes by the client and having to complete a lot of training to get them where they needed to go, the team kept at it.”

– metroConnections

“The process was fantastic. And Ms. Debby (account specialist) always answers our questions quickly and efficiently.  Love her job performance.”

– Southeast Foods, LLC

“It was fantastic!  Debby Thompson was so so very helpful during the holidays while Erika was out.  I really appreciate it.”

– Bluewing Midstream – A. Boyd recognizes Workforce Go! ASR Debby Thompson

“Debby has been thorough and made sure she was getting me exactly what I needed”

– Leo’s Market – Mike Petry recognizes the Workforce Go! ASR Debby Thompson

“You have been a phenomenal rep and your sense of humor made it so much fun to work with you.  I have been provided with the upmost service throughout the years and appreciate you always going above and beyond for your company”

– Monarch Environmental – Trish recognizes Workforce Go! ASR Erika Jackson

“Demonstrating all of the Workforce Go! values: All Values – Integrity, Passion, Excellence, Innovation, Accountability, Results Driven, Journey”

– Sunderstorm Team recognizes the Workforce Go! consulting team Julie Lewis, Jeremy Griffith, Aleya Puliafico, Lee Hinton, Beth Ryder and Lee Caputo for demonstrating all of the Workforce Go! values

“Debby always goes the extra mile and our company depends on her”

– WeBe Works, Inc. – Patricia Pace, CFO recognizes Workforce Go! ASR Debby Thompson

“If I haven’t stated it previously, Angela has been outstanding in communications, assistance, translating our asks into Workforce Go speak, helping above and beyond. Our team is raving about her support.”

– Ethos Solutions recognizing the Workforce Go! Consultant Angela Rachel

“Debby, your response time is bar none!  Though we’ve only worked with you for a short period, we can tell that our relationship with Workforce Go! will continue to thrive under your assistance.”

– MCM CPA & Advisors – Kristi Bradley recognizes ASR Debby Thompson

“You guys are amazing! I know this was a tight spot. Your communication was on point throughout, we appreciate your support. Thank you!”

– SWK Technologies (Alkaline 88) recognizing Workforce Go! Account Specialist

“The implementation went very smoothly.  Working with Lee was “a pleasure” as Lee is very easy to work with and was very responsive. Lee “knows his stuff” and the system was accurate when built out, to exactly what was needed and discussed. We liked the weekly calls, as it helped stay on task.”

– Eastern Shore Rural Health recognizes Lee

“The Workforce Go! team was "fun"! They addressed issues in a timely manner. I LOVE Workforce Go! It is saving me hours on my day when processing payroll!”


“Karen was GREAT! Everything went great overall - Certified payroll is a pain, but that is Certified payroll! Went very smooth - much smoother than ACM.”

– Gorham Sand & Gravel

“The Workforce Go! team has been great in getting back to us in a timely manner.”

– Gulf Relay

“The process was great. The process was laid out well – our team liked getting reminders! Liza and Beth have been GREAT! All of our questions were treated the same, even ones that may have been "silly."”

– Yearout

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