Workforce Go! is here to help you to never ever worry about construction payroll again!

There is nothing easy about construction payroll.  Things like Union fringe calculations, comparing employer paid benefits against the prevailing wage scale, and managing the required construction certified reporting… can be very challenging without the right tools in place.  

Automate your construction payroll process with Workforce Go! HCM and let us take the stress out of construction payroll so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Construction Payroll

Construction Payroll

Workforce Go! HCM Union Fringe Calculation

Easily calculate union fringes based on the union local wage requirement.  The Workforce Go! HCM union fringe calculation creates the employer paid fringe deduction that can be auto allocated to an expense account and/or included in Union reporting.

Workforce Go! HCM Prevailing Wage Fringe Offset

The Workforce Go! HCM fringe offset compares the employer paid benefits against the prevailing wage scale to decide if the prevailing wage scale is met and if it’s not, it will auto create the applicable earning or deduction on the pay statement.

Workforce Go! HCM Certified Reporting

Print certified payroll reports in seconds using form WH-347 or other state formats as well as XML report for specific states requirements such as California.

Workforce Go! HCM Advanced Time Entry (Crew punch)

Crew mangers can quickly and easily clock in their entire crew and more.

LCPtracker Integration

Workforce Go! has developed an integration to LCPtracker that cuts manual data entry by importing the required certified project details in accordance to prevailing wage guidelines.