November 5, 2018

Three things you should do right now to recruit and retain today’s multigenerational workforce.

Three things you should do right now to recruit and retain today’s multigenerational workforce.

Today’s job market is becoming more competitive — for employers. To make sure you can effectively find, attract and hire employees who can help take your organization to the next level, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition from the very first contact. After all, the best talent isn’t looking for just any job. They’re seeking out top-tier organizations.

So, what can your business do to stand out? How can you make sure you’re attracting the right candidates, and that they’ll be attracted to your business? It’s time to think about recruiting in new ways and using state-of-the-art technology and sourcing strategies.

The challenge of recruiting and hiring the best talent has shifted dramatically, with technology and social media playing ever-larger roles. In our newest free ebook, Recruiting and Hiring the Talent of Tomorrow, you can learn how a Human Capital Management (HCM) strategy can help you successfully recruit and hire today’s multi-generational workforce. Here’s a peek at the content:

Have you taken these three crucial steps to supercharge your recruiting and hiring?

1. Become an employer of choice.

Millennials, who make up an increasing percentage of the workforce, aren’t focused on salary and benefits alone. They want to work for companies that reflect their own values. In fact, they’re willing to take a salary hit to work for a company that helps them reach both their professional and personal development goals. They will also quickly drop out of the application process if it’s too cumbersome, and not supported by the right technologies. Some must-haves for today’s HR recruiters include:

  • The ability to let candidates apply via mobile devices, in their language of choice, at multiple locations, and receive automated communications and visibility during the recruitment process.

  • A focus on flexible work arrangements and job features that will appeal to different candidates from different generations — like remote work, international travel, virtual teams, development programs, and training opportunities.

  • Optimized communication throughout the hiring process.

  • A strong, well-defined brand and culture that can be experienced through social networks.

2. Make your hiring process more efficient

Efficiency is vital for managers during the hiring process. You want to make sure they are spending their valuable time assessing the best candidates, instead of culling mismatched ones. Using HCM technology to evaluate and weed out unqualified candidates can help. Having the ability to set up alerts, notifications, and automated workflows can make the process easier and more efficient. Here are some of the most helpful HCM tools:

  • Assessments for fit and competencies to answer baseline questions and eliminate unqualified candidates.

  • Automated workflows to manage interviews, scheduling and communication with candidates.

  • Robust on-boarding to deliver a consistent approach and experience for new hires, including a paperless process.

  • The ability to leverage reports — such as time-to-hire dashboard — to see where bottlenecks occur and which positions, hiring managers, and divisions require additional attention.

3. Find that perfect match

Hiring is expensive, so you want to be sure you’re making decisions that reduce turnover and support organizational goals. Luckily, today’s HCM technology can help:

  • HCM technology can provide valuable insight into which job boards, universities, and trade schools generate the best applicants — which can help you pick the sites that yield the best results.

  • Workforce analytics can identify top performers and replicate a successful employee persona to use when evaluating prospective talent.

Be competitive. Hire intelligently.

If you’re ready to leverage technology to automate, streamline, and improve your recruiting and hiring efforts, download our ebook Recruiting and Hiring the Talent of Tomorrow. To learn more about Workforce Go! HCM, and how it can help you recruit and hire the right employees in today’s challenging market, call 214.800.5575 or email

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