September 18, 2019

Streamline Your Approach to Onboarding

Workforce Go! HCM can eliminate the administrative overload of the onboarding process

A comprehensive approach to onboarding is more than just a way to get paperwork filled out and new employees entered on the payroll system and enrolled in benefits. It can make the most of a critical time in the employee life cycle and result in better retention, particularly of high-performing employees; a reduced timeline for achieving proficiency; and a greater level of employee engagement.

Unfortunately, many HR professionals are too bogged down with the administrative details of onboarding to focus on higher-impact onboarding activities that can serve as a strategic advantage and drive positive business outcomes. Businesses often underuse the onboarding practices and functionality available, usually because their HR departments lack the manpower to take full advantage of them. And often, companies lack the necessary technology to implement a more robust onboarding process, relying instead on time-consuming manual processes to get new employees on board and up to speed.

You can streamline your company’s onboarding process by focusing on the 3 Ps – paperwork, people, and performance.


Technology can eliminate the need for pen and paper – and manual tasks – when it comes to taking care of a new employee’s paperwork. Leverage options for providing forms with electronic signatures and automating payroll and benefits enrollment.


Companies with a robust and standardized onboarding process experience a significant improvement in employee productivity and retention. With the right HCM solution, you can focus on introducing new hires to your company’s culture and values with initiatives such as buddy assignments, informal social events, and exposure to senior leadership. You can also use the onboarding process to answer questions an employee may have on their first day, such as where to go and whom to ask for.


The right workforce management solution gives your managers the tools they need to set clear employee expectations right from the start. They can establish regular check-ins with employees, keep track of training, and establish and communicate specific KPIs for each employee’s role.

An automated HCM solution like Workforce Go! HCM helps you focus on the 3 Ps by eliminating the cumbersome administrative tasks associated with onboarding. Your HR department – and your new employees – can automate the process of managing new hire paperwork, viewing orientation videos, getting signed up for payroll, enrolling in benefits, and much more.


Want to know more about the benefits of ending the administrative burden of onboarding? Click here to download our infographic. Ready to make the move to Workforce Go! HCM? Contact us today at or 214-800-5575 to find out more.

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