July 31, 2019

Simplify your healthcare scheduling with Workforce Go! HCM

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Today’s healthcare providers have to balance hiring and retaining the best staff with controlling labor costs. Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, for the right cost is critical to both the quality of patient care and the financial success of your organization. Efficient scheduling is the key to achieving these goals. Cumbersome, manual scheduling and staffing tools harm both patient outcomes and employee engagement.

Scheduling for healthcare presents some challenges differ from other industries. And those challenges can change depending on where your organization falls on the care continuum. Here are some of the challenges your organization may face.

Health systems

Health systems rely on a diverse workforce to deliver care via an integrated, and sometimes extensive, network. Nurses are the largest staff component and the primary care providers. An automated scheduling solution allows nurse managers to create schedules that match staffing levels with patient demand and eliminate reliance on unplanned overtime and chronic under- or over-staffing. This leads to higher morale, improved patient care, and better cost control.

Acute care hospitals

Community and rural hospitals lack the economies of scale of larger healthcare providers, making cost containment and workforce maximization imperative. Managers need staffing tools that allow them to quickly balance staff levels and responded to unexpected absences efficiently. An automated solution eliminates time-consuming manual processes and provides real-time visibility of staffing and productivity data.

Post-acute care and senior living

With today’s aging population, post-acute care and senior living facilities play an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry. And as the demand for this type of care increases, so will the demand on your workforce. Delivery of superior patient care depends on predictable schedules. Our scheduling tools allow you to optimize scheduling based on rules and requirements you define. You can match the right employee to the right patient, improving continuity of care and increasing patient satisfaction.

Non-acute care

Non-acute providers face increasing pressure to control labor costs and maximize profitability. Automated scheduling solutions can align staffing with budget requirements and provide the real-time insight into labor needs and trends, allowing managers to reduce costs by matching labor to workload. They also automate and streamline the scheduling process, reducing the amount of time your staff spends on these critical tasks.

On-call providers

Scheduling on-call providers such as physicians, nurses, and OR staff is a complex process. Using the right scheduling and staffing technology means that critical information such as on-call schedules, shift swaps, and room assignments are always current and readily available. Our tools help you ensure that you have the coverage you need while minimizing compliance risk. And customized reports let you manage schedules, call distribution, and overtime equitably.

Emergency medical services

Emergency services providers need to make sure they have the right employees scheduled based on skills, qualifications, and certifications, all while adhering to compliance requirements and union rules. An automated scheduling platform allows you to define staffing parameters so that you always have the right person for the right job.

Whatever your unique scheduling needs, Workforce Go! HCM can help. Our automated HCM solution gives you the tools you need to manage the scheduling challenges that come with the type of care you provide, wherever you are on the continuum of care. Healthcare providers of all types who employ a fully integrated workforce system can streamline the scheduling process, helping them control costs, increase efficiency, minimize compliance risk, and improve employee engagement. Want to know more about Workforce Go! HCM? Contact us today at or 214-800-5575.

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