July 24, 2018

With shrinking K-12 budgets, workforce management tools are more important than ever before.

It’s a fact of life almost everywhere in the country; K-12 budgets are shrinking, and school districts are having to do more with less. If you think it doesn’t sound like the best time to invest in workforce management technology, it’s time to go to school.
Lesson 1
If you want administrators, teachers and staff to be able to REDUCE time spent on administrative processes and INCREASE time spent on academics and programs, workforce management technology is EXACTLY what you should invest in. Why? Efficiency. Streamlining and automating processes frees up valuable time.
Lesson 2
The research is in. School districts that have adopted K-12 back-office automation solutions early prove that software is a core competency of high-performing school systems. So if you want your system to follow in their footsteps, adopt your own workforce management technology today!
Lesson 3
As budgets shrink, school districts from coast to coast face intense scrutiny from parents, school boards and taxpayers. Workforce management technology makes it much easier to demonstrate real results — and to keep key stakeholders informed. Transparency is a good thing! Now, when parents ask the hard questions at district meetings, you can have the answers.
Lesson 4
When you get employees involved early in the implementation of workforce management technology, they have a vested interest in adopting and using that technology. They’ll use the technology, convince their colleagues to use it, and the next thing you know you have a rock-solid tool that’s simplifying administration processes, streamlining jobs and giving employees the power to do what they SHOULD be doing.
Lesson 5
Even the best workforce management technology doesn’t work in a vacuum. When you’re ready to improve the efficiency of your K-12 district, it’s imperative for the superintendent, key administrators and school principals to lead the charge for change. So send them this blog and get them on board!
Lesson 6
Workforce management technology can only reach its true potential when your workforce is trained properly. When every employee understands how to use the system’s features and functions, it’s more likely they’ll adopt it enthusiastically and use it consistently. Just like students with grammar.
Final Exam
If you’ve completed all the lessons and believe workforce management technology can be a smart investment for your district’s shrinking K-12 budget, congratulations. You got an A!
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