May 16, 2017

What would an employer of choice do?

In the quest for a perfect employee management formula, the first stop is likely technology. We look for human capital management (HCM) software that will streamline hiring processes, track professional development, and give staff control over benefits and trust in payroll systems. We seek a solution that will integrate with accounting systems, and provide access to real-time reporting. 

You may associate this perfect combination of traits with images of smiling employees with accurate paychecks, and a peaceful HR department no longer treated as the internal complaint center. You may even bowls of fruit decorating spaces previously occupied by stacks of paper, and rightfully so. HCM software like Workforce Go! is a wonderful way to reach your payroll, people and time goals, but to achieve the bigger picture of success, your organization must be an Employer of Choice.

Visualize your ideal team.


Return to the scene of satisfied employees and a well-oiled system, and now remove tech tools from the equation. Consider the objective to create and maintain staff that enables your organization to thrive. Imagine a globe in your hands. Slowly spin it. Where might people with desirable skills reside? Potential hires are not necessarily located in your city, or acquainted with current employees.


Still thinking globally, which organizations on this planet would benefit from these employee qualifications? These are your human capital contenders–the competition.


Recruiting, engaging, and retaining employees should be taken as seriously as perfecting your products and services. Discard any antiquated thinking that simply offering a paycheck and benefits grants the upper hand.


These days, to interest the best candidates, you must be perceived as an Employer of Choice. Attracting impressive, hard working, and happy employees requires attention to the people behind the resumes—even before building a beautifully designed job application portal.


5 things stellar job seekers do that can teach you how to be an Employer of Choice


Learn how to hire, engage, and retain a competitive team by following the methods of your potential employees.


What does a great job candidate do?

1. Know what they want.

2. Pay attention to industry trends & conduct research about the organization before applying for a job.

3. Continually build credentials to stay current.

4. Articulate only the potential contributions relevant to the position.

5. Be visible in person and online. Present a positive impression. Value every interaction.


What would an Employer of Choice do?

1. Identify desirable candidate qualities.

2. Learn what employees need to be happy and care about supporting your goals.

3. Continually refresh methods and tools to meet worker expectations.

4. Highlight only the benefits and culture likely to appeal to candidates.

5. Build a culture of employees who can concisely and accurately speak about the organization.*


Listen to current employees.

*Give staff reasons to talk favorably about their job, even in casual conversations or online. Use confidential surveys to let your team express needs. Find out why they would or wouldn’t recommend a friend to apply for a position to work with your organization.


Be careful not to exert all your energy into courting new hires. Nurture seasoned, loyal employees, too. Commit to making improvements, where feasible, in the areas they find most meaningful.


Evaluate your organization.

Before launching a big recruitment campaign, take a genuine look at the staff surveys and other factors, and identify strengths and weaknesses. Review these points and the importance of each one without the filter of desired perception.

Employer of Choice Attributes



Financial stability

Favorable online reviews


Employee Compensation & Benefits

Fair pay—at or above market rates

Annual cost of living increases

Merit based raises

Self-management of employee benefits

Childcare benefits or on-site facility

Health and wellness incentives



Mobile workplace option

Flexible work schedule


Professional Development

Regular employee reviews

Recognition for success

Professional growth support

Growth opportunities

Industry-norm technology embraced

Skill-based training

Continuing education reimbursement



Employee ideas valued
Altruistic mission at core of the organization

Community support; volunteering & giving

Team-building activities & social gatherings

Casual dress code most days

Leadership-employee engagement

Transparent company information

Pet-friendly work environment


After this assessment, your organization will be better equipped to determine what it takes to become an Employer of Choice.


Which additional attributes of an Employer of Choice are important to you?

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