April 2, 2019

The workforce solution for contract services.

If you’re a contract services company, time really is money. The ability to accurately account for hours worked and assign them to the proper projects, Workforce Go! HCM solution for contract services.along with real-time visibility into your labor costs and workforce performance, can mean the difference between realizing a profit and incurring a loss on any given project.

The right workforce management solution can give you the automated tools and flexibility you need to manage labor costs, optimize performance, and better understand the true cost of delivering service. Here are some of the key benefits of employing a cloud-based system like Workforce Go! HCM.

Hire and keep the right people.

With Workforce Go! HCM, you can efficiently recruit and screen candidates to increase the probability that you’re hiring the right people in a competitive market. And automated time and payroll functions mean that you deliver accurate paychecks every time, eliminating the risk that employees will leave due to payroll errors.

Make sure they’re in the right place.

A cloud-based workforce management solution makes it easier to identify the right worker for each client. Mobile access means that contract services employees who are working in multiple locations can easily track their time, wherever they are – and you can see that they are punching in and out at the correct location. And when one of your employees is unexpectedly absent, you can identify the right replacement and get them to the right place quickly to protect your client relationships.

Manage compliance risk.

When your employees spend their time in various locations, and those locations often change daily, it can be challenging to ensure that their pay is accurate, and that labor regulations governing issues such as breaks, meals, and overtime are followed. Workforce Go! HCM helps you manage compliance with automated features that track actual time worked as well as meal and rest breaks.

See your workforce data clearly.

Gain the real-time visibility you need to make strategic decisions quickly. A workforce management solution lets you see labor costs, performance data, attendance information such as unplanned absences and planned leave, and other critical metrics you need to make strategic decisions and optimize business performance.

Increase profitability.

In an industry with high customer expectations and thin margins, you need to be able to make competitive bids without compromising client service. Automated workforce management solutions give you the visibility into labor costs and employee performance you need to make competitive bids, and make it easier to manage your labor costs to budget. A cloud-based system also allows you to improve your cash flow by reducing your time to invoice.

Workforce Go! HCM can increase your competitive advantage by giving you the workforce visibility you need to compete in today’s contract services market. Your frontline managers and other critical decision makers will have ready access to tools and information to increase profitability and meet customer expectations. To find out more, contact us today at or 214-800-5575.

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