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June 24, 2019

The right workforce solution for utilities.

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In today’s utilities industry, it’s increasingly difficult to maintain profitability in the face of growing competition, an aging workforce, the need to operate 24/7, and safety concerns. Utility companies are always searching for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. A workforce management solution is one tool.

Automated workforce management for the utilities industry presents some challenges that differ from other industries. Our solution for energy was built specifically for utilities and has the functionality you need to address critical workforce issues like cost control, fatigue management, and contract hours.

Hire the right people and get them onboard quickly.

With an aging workforce, the utilities industry loses employees to retirement every year, making it challenging for utilities companies to stay fully staffed. Our automated and integrated hiring solution makes it easy to identify, screen, and hire employees with the right experience, skills, and certification – and to get them quickly up to speed.

Automate time and attendance.

Too many utilities companies are still using manual processes to track time and attendance, opening them up to errors, time theft, and compliance risk. Our solution for energy automates the processes for time and attendance tracking and calculating pay, minimizing errors and opportunities for manipulating the system.

Efficiently respond to emergencies.

In an emergency, you need to be able to get the right employees to the right places to restore service quickly. Without an automated workforce solution, it can be difficult to identify the right people for the situation. Our solution quickly identifies the correct employees, contacts them, and deploys them so that you’re back up and running as soon as possible. And integrated inbound and outbound communications allow employees to receive and respond to alerts via mobile device, speeding up the process.

Manage your contract employees.

You probably rely on contract labor to respond to outages or handle unplanned absences. But it can be hard to know how many contractors you have available – and how many you may need – at any given time. Our solution for energy allows you to automatically identify and deploy the right people for the job. And our powerful planning tools allow you to evaluate the best use of contract labor so that you can minimize your labor costs.

Take advantage of fatigue management tools.

Employee fatigue has serious implications for utilities companies. Working too many hours, back-to-back shifts, or excessive overtime can lead to serious safety risks, and can open your organization up to significant liability. Our solution allows you to apply fatigue management guidelines to keep your employees safe and alert on the job.

Gain real-time labor visibility.

Controlling your labor costs is critical to maintaining your profit margin. With an automated workforce management solution, you can accurately track labor tasks, and can capture indirect time and allocate it to specific jobs or cost centers. And with access to real-time data, you gain the insight you need to improve efficiency and control labor costs.

Manage FMLA compliance.

Compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a challenge for any organization, especially if you have to rely on manual processes. Our solution for energy automatically applies and enforces uniform rules for FMLA eligibility, taking in to account all federal and state regulations, union rules, and your organizational policies. And you have an audit trail that helps minimize your compliance risk.

Workforce Go! HCM gives you the tools and visibility you need to manage your labor more effectively so that you can increase productivity and drive profits. To find out more, contact Workforce Go! today at info@myworkforcego.com or 214-800-5575.

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