October 29, 2018

Looking to leverage your diverse workforce? Focus on employee engagement.

Today’s workforce is rapidly becoming more diverse. From aspiring millennials to aging baby boomers — working in a complex mix of full-time, part-time, contingent, temporary, and contract roles — this workforce is making it challenging to foster employee engagement across the board.

The question is — regardless of the age, status, or position of your employees — how can you effectively engage and inspire your diverse workforce? Our latest ebook, , has some key facts, and great questions to ask yourself.

First, the facts:
Engaged employees are essential if you want to remain competitive. They support and enable the innovation, growth, and revenue companies like yours need.Almost 20 of U.S. workers are “actively disengaged” employees, who are likely to undermine coworkers and sabotage projects.Disengagement costs the U.S. around $500 billion annually.More than half of U.S. workers – 51 – are considered “not engaged.”Nurturing and developing top talent requires a data-driven performance management approach that enables you to assess continuously, coach, and recognize employees for their achievements.Human Capital Management (HCM) technology can help you create a compelling work environment, so your employees feel valued and treated fairly — regardless of their generation, employment status, or position.

Are you asking the right questions?
It’s not enough to try and engage employees when they’re hired or promoted. The right HCM technology focuses on engagement throughout the employee lifecycle. Here are some questions to help you get laser-focused on engagement:

Do you have an efficient, automated hiring process that will attract a diverse workforce, and engages applicants from the start?

Do your managers have the right HCM tools to nurture performance and provide continuous feedback?

Are your company’s policies automated and enforced consistently, to promote a positive work environment?

Do you have the tools to support coaching, training, and mentoring? Or the data to track productivity, and identify your best workers?

When employees leave, are open shifts automatically covered? Does HR get automatic vacancy notices?
Your business can no longer view employee engagement as a bonus. Today, it’s a must-have if you want to attract and retain top talent. Luckily, implementing an HCM solution that automates, streamlines, and improves people-centric processes is a great way to drive employee engagement.

Workforce Go! HCM can provide you the technology tools you need to focus on engaging your diverse workforce. To learn more, call us today at 214.800.5575. And for more insights, download the free ebook .

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