October 4, 2021

Workforce Go! launches new Advanced Time Entry application allowing time for an entire crew in a single entry

DALLAS, TX – September 10, 2021 – Workforce Go!, a provider of cloud-based payroll, people, and time management tools featuring industry-leading integrations with Acumatica and Sage, providers of ERP solutions, offers a new Advanced Time Entry application adding to its already feature-rich Workforce Go! HCM Time and Labor Management solution.

Workforce Go! is proud to deliver to its clients a new application that allows them to enter time quickly and efficiently for an entire crew or team. By leveraging the Workforce Go! HCM’s seamless, real-time integration with Acumatica and Sage ERPs, all the GL segments/dimensions are fully available within the Advanced Time Entry application for easy allocation.  The application user experience also limits the list of segments/dimensions to those that are applicable to the main project/jobs selected.

Chris Goheen, President of Workforce Go!  said, “With Workforce Go!’s Advanced Time Entry application, companies can better track crew and team time in the field as well as save time, have increased data accuracy, and improved communication across teams.”

“We are thrilled to provide this highly desirable “crew/team punch” application as it is integral to give managers the ability to easily track labor productivity in real-time and help keep their projects or jobs on schedule and under budget.”

With the Workforce Go! HCM Time and Labor Management module, together with the new Advanced Time Entry application, and integrated with Acumatica and Sage ERP’s; users can quickly enter crew and team time data, and through the Workforce Go! integrations can view real-time labor budget to actual reporting right from their ERP application.

“The Workforce Go! HCM Time and Labor Management module streamlines the entire employee time tracking process, allowing our customers the freedom to focus on the core aspects of their businesses”, states Chris Goheen.

About Workforce Go!

Workforce Go! provides human capital management platforms designed to help employers reduce costs and more efficiently manage people-related processes. The product suites include payroll, time and labor management, benefits administration, and HR services. They can be delivered as a consolidated package or as stand-alone components, scalable to any sized organization, and set up to allow for easy integration with accounting, financial, or ERP solutions.

Press Release Contact:

Maria Caputo, Workforce Go!

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