January 2, 2024

Workforce Go! Construction Integration Wows


As valued partners, we are thrilled to remind you about the extraordinary integration features and complex Construction solutions that make our products stand out in the market. It’s not just another integration – it’s a game-changer with some truly “wow” features that will undoubtedly enhance your client’s process. Let’s dive into some of these features that set us apart:

Accrual on Actuals: Precision Redefined

Our Accrual on Actuals feature revolutionizes wage accruals for payrolls overlapping between two months. Unlike basic integrations that rely on a percentage of days, our system meticulously examines each individual timesheet. It intelligently splits expenses by employee between the two months, automating the entry on the pay date. This ensures accuracy and saves your clients from the hassle of manual calculations and entries.

Adaptive Payroll Allocation

In the intricate landscape of payroll management, Workforce Go! stands out with its seamless approach to allocating payroll burdens to individual Projects/Tasks/Cost Codes. The strength lies in the natural burden allocation, ensuring a harmonious alignment with earnings. When employees engage in multiple Projects/Tasks/Cost Codes, Workforce Go! intelligently mirrors the burden allocation to match the distribution of earnings. It can also adapt to scenarios where clients require deviations from the standard earning-based burden allocation. For instance, should a client wish to redirect the burden of a specific earning to an overhead project rather than an actual project, WFG can be configured to meet such unique requirements effortlessly.

Expertise Beyond Measure 

What sets our integration apart is not just the technology but our team’s unparalleled expertise. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience working with multiple ERP systems, allowing us to provide insights and guidance beyond the basics. Our team is not just here to implement the integration; we are your partners in success, prepared to share best practices and optimize the integration for your clients. When you choose to work with us, you’re not just getting a product; you’re gaining access to a team of experts dedicated to ensuring a seamless and successful integration experience.

Construction Utility: Tailored for Complex Needs 

Our construction utility is a testament to our commitment to solving complex challenges, particularly in the construction industry. Whether dealing with union or non-union scenarios, including Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wage certified projects, our utility is top-notch. It automates calculations for base rates, fringe, and deductions, saving time during payroll. For prevailing wage non-union companies, it accommodates company offsets against fringe rates and provides flexibility with specific state forms, LCPtracker, and CA DIR export files.

Multi-EIN Flexibility: Tailoring to Your Client’s Needs 

We understand that each client is unique. With our solution, accommodating multi-EIN clients is a breeze. We offer the flexibility to treat each EIN separately on the GL or follow the same rules for all.

Handling Complexity with Ease 

We thrive on handling highly complex and challenging demands that your customers may encounter. Our extensive toolkit, developed through experience, enables us to tackle diverse requirements. When best practices fall short, our team is adept at finding innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of your clients.

Our integration solutions are not just about connecting systems; they are about transforming the payroll experience for your clients. We invite you to leverage these standout features when speaking to your clients by helping them elevate their entire payroll experience.


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