July 25, 2018

Payroll Errors Can Really Cost You

Getting payroll right is a challenge for any company. But you may not realize that getting it wrong can cost you more than just money. Payroll errors also cost you time, productivity, the confidence of your employees, and the possibility of tax and other penalties. The consequences of payroll errors can include:
Time wasted on manual data entryLost productivity as HR personnel have to spend time addressing issues, and employees have to spend time asking about missing pay and other errorsDamaged employee engagement and loyalty when paychecks are incorrectLack of compliance with labor and pay regulations and union rulesTax penalties for employment tax violations
Having to handle time tracking, data entry, and other payroll tasks with manual processes greatly increases the possibility of payroll errors. Workforce Go! is a comprehensive suite of workforce management tools that allows you to seamlessly and efficiently manage your people, payroll, and time. With Workforce Go! you can:
Eliminate timekeeping errors with complete time and payroll automationReceive automatic alerts of situations that violate your policies, such as early or late arrivals, or extended or skipped breaksAutomate the delivery of correctly calculated hours to your payroll system – so that your employee checks are issued correctly the first timeGenerate the reports you need, whenever you need them
Using Workforce Go! can reduce the challenges and costs caused by inefficient payroll processes and manual procedures – and save your company from costly payroll errors.
For more information on how reducing payroll errors benefits your company, . And to find out more about Workforce Go!, contact us today.
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