March 13, 2024

Make Your Construction Payroll Simple and Efficient

How an HCM Can Help

Managing construction payroll can be quite a headache for administrators. Whether your business has its own payroll department or it’s the responsibility of finance or human resources, every pay period can bring a new set of challenges. From juggling different job sites, union fringe, and a maze of compliance regulations, it’s difficult.

It can feel like trying to solve a new puzzle every single pay period, even for experienced professionals. So, imagine how the workers might feel deciphering their pay stubs!

However, construction payroll can be simpler and more efficient for everyone. Let’s discuss how a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) system can make it happen.

Promote Transparent Communication with Employees

Transparent communication can be a relationship builder. When employees know the rules and processes that shape their everyday work life, it can help strengthen relationships with their bosses and crew.

In fact, HRD reports that nearly 30% of the time, organizations experience low retention because of ineffective communication between management and staff members.

How does an HCM promote transparent communication?

A cloud-based HCM can help businesses organize information and resources in one place. So employees can easily access benefits, payroll, scheduling, leave, learning, and more from wherever they are. 

How often do you see a construction crew sitting behind a desk? Not often, if at all. Accessing data and communicating with stakeholders without being in the office is a win for everyone. 

And when employees know the ins and outs of things that affect their day-to-day, including their paycheck, it can limit the confusion.

Make Mobile Technology Available in the Field

Mobile capabilities are no longer a luxury. Project managers and field supervisors need access to real-time data wherever they are. The right cloud-based HCM allows field teams to easily capture hours, labor rates, and project or phase time distributions. Imagine the time saved by eliminating the need to track down missing time data or manually rekey labor hours and wage rates from one system to another. 

Another gamechanger with mobile technology is geolocation and geofence.


Geolocation can create boundaries for important common locations or work sites. These virtual boundaries make it possible for users to easily access information about that specific location while they’re on site. 

A convenient perk of this feature is that users don’t have to adjust their phone settings. Since geolocation uses the location of the user’s phone, they will automatically have access when they arrive.


Geofence works like a virtual fence. It helps determine whether employees are within the boundaries when clocking in and out. Employees who are within the specified radius can clock in while those outside of the radius can’t.

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Deploy Self-Service Tools

Employees count on their paychecks to be accurate and on time. Over 60% of Americans are living from one paycheck to the next. So, it’s safe to say that even a tiny payroll mistake can cause problems for a worker and their family. 

In the construction world, we don’t usually see self-service payroll technology, but finding a cloud-based HCM can change the game. It gives employees the ability to access and manage their own payroll information online and all in one place. Using self-service tools means fewer mistakes.

In addition to payroll, self-service also means having anytime access to their W2, paystub, time off balances, handbook information, and more. The employee doesn’t have to make a request and wait to hear from the HR team, and their HR team doesn’t have to take time to gather and process the information to send to them.

When employees are applying for loans, working on their taxes, or planning a vacation, having real-time access to this information makes it much more convenient.

Another perk of self-service tools is that it also creates digital audit trails. This reduces liabilities around payroll and HR processes. And, fewer manual processes mean less paper. 

Offer Direct Deposit

Direct deposit means less hassle for your payroll department and your employees. With direct deposit, employees can save the time and effort of going to the bank. It also provides a digital record without the paper trail.

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Choose Software Specifically for Construction

Choosing a solution designed specifically for construction is the only way to accomplish everything mentioned above, especially getting the paycheck right.

For example, managing prevailing wage, Davis-Bacon requirements, and union payrolls without automation can take a lot of time and effort. Implementing the right construction-specific solution makes it easier to calculate fringes and deductions and create certified payroll reports.

Off-the-shelf payroll systems don’t meet the unique needs of the construction industry. If you’ve ever tried to use one, you may have ended up more frustrated than before.

Software integrations designed specifically for construction payroll can manage fringes and deductions but can also manage all aspects of the process effectively. Here are a few other features to take note of:

  • Manage payroll across multiple projects
  • Meet union fringe and prevailing wage requirements
  • Integrate tax codes
  • Assign labor costs to specific jobs or project phases

Cloud-based HCM options

HCM systems can integrate with other cloud-based technologies, including ERPs. If your business uses an ERP, it’s essential to find the right HCM to complement your current service and help you achieve your goals.

Many HCM solutions require businesses to purchase a whole suite of services regardless of what they need. But it’s worth taking time to choose the solution that will take time to understand your business and help you choose the right tools to get you where you want to go.

Workforce Go Construction Utility seamlessly integrates with Acumatica, Sage 300 CRE, and Sage Intacct. 

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