October 30, 2016

Intacct Advantage 2016

A key takeaway from Intacct Advantage 2016 for Workforce Go! is momentum. This event gave us the opportunity to generate enthusiasm and name recognition. Attendees even chanted, “Workforce Go!” with us! We strongly believe in our product and its ability to manage payroll, people, and time—all made more powerful by its integration with Intacct.


At this event, we were able to experience the energy of the Intacct community, fueled by the company’s support of businesses through their world-renown solution. Thanks to Intacct Advantage, Workforce Go! is running full-speed ahead!

Bill Harris, President, Workforce Go! and MicroAccounting



Dash for Cash
We had a blast engaging conference attendees with the Dash for Cash, and sending home a lucky winner with $5,000!


Getting Down to Business

Intacct Advantage 2016 wasn’t all fun and games! Several of our team members showed our serious side when they spoke at the Partner Showcase, with a presentation called “Workforce Go!: Building the Bridge Between HR and Finance.” They welcomed the chance to talk about a company’s best asset and biggest investment—its people. In the changing business landscape that includes health insurance reporting and other regulations, it has become the Payroll/HR departments’ duty to help cultivate and maintain an optimal workforce, which is why HR technology is more important than ever.

We also enjoyed meeting people at our booth, and showing them what Workforce Go! can do for them with product demos.





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