April 2, 2019

Workforce management tools: not just for hourly workers

The changing mix of today’s workforce means that there are more salaried employees than ever before – and white-collar opportunities are expected to expand over the next decade. At the same time, labor regulations

governing wages and overtime are rapidly changing and increasingly affect white-collar workers. But too often, companies have focused their compliance efforts on hourly workers, ignoring the potential for regulatory fines and lawsuits that can occur if salaried employees are not properly compensated. In addition, many workforce management tools lack the flexibility and functions necessary to meet the needs of a white-collar workforce.

Labor regulations governing salaried employees have changed significantly in recent years, from eligibility for overtime and treatment of commission income to how an employee is classified as exempt or non-exempt. Getting it wrong can be very costly for your organization. The right workforce management solution, built to handle a variety of salary types, can help your company capture the information you need to ensure compliance.

It’s important to remember that most of the tracking solutions developed for an hourly workforce can’t handle the complexity that your salaried workers need. In addition, keep in mind that introducing tracking initiatives can be tricky.  Salaried employees may resent being asked to track their time and efforts, feeling that they’ve earned freedom from this type of reporting. So it may be helpful to focus just on those activities that have the greatest potential to increase productivity and compliance. In most cases, it is neither effective nor necessary to track all of a salaried employee’s time and activities.

A cloud-based workforce management tool can help your company stay compliant, boost productivity, and make it easier for your white-collar workers to do their jobs. Here are some features to look for when choosing a workforce management solution for your salaried workforce:

  • A simple user experience across multiple devices
  • A project-centric structure that allows employees to choose the projects they’re working on
  • Integration with the other tools your employees already use
  • Access to frequent tasks from the home page
  • Projects and tasks that are designed in terms applicable to salaried workers

Workforce Go! HCM has the features and flexibility to address the unique workforce management needs of your salaried employees. Want to know more? Contact us today at or 214-800-5575.

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