July 24, 2019

Transform the employee experience with Workforce Go! HCM

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Attracting and retaining the best employees is more difficult than ever, thanks to record-low unemployment rates and a high number of job openings. And today’s complex workforce is looking for greater flexibility and more alternatives in their employment, including an employee experience that more closely resembles their consumer experiences. As an employer, your biggest competition for people is the wide range of employment options available.

To address these challenges, companies have most often focused on employee engagement. That’s a smart choice – studies show that engaged employees are both more productive and more likely to stay with your organization. But efforts to improve engagement often focus on one specific aspect of employee concerns, which can lead to a patchwork of solutions and an inconsistent employee experience. Many companies are shifting their focus to the entire employee experience in order to stay competitive.

To transform the employee experience, you need to understand the moments that matter most to your employees. These moments occur across the employee lifecycle. Here are a few examples:

  • Recruiting – do you have an online application process that is easy to use?
  • Hiring – how smooth is your onboarding process? Is it easy for new hires to complete paperwork and enroll in benefits?
  • Managing – do your managers have ready access to the information they need to be effective?
  • Paying – can your employees expect correct paychecks, on time, every time?
  • Retaining – do you empower employees with self-service tools that allow them to manage their work life?

The good news is that each of these important points of influence can be addressed with the right technology. A cloud-based workforce management solution like Workforce Go! HCM offers a wide range of tools for a more holistic approach to your employee lifecycle strategy.

To create a compelling employee experience, employers can look to their interactions as consumers. The same qualities that provide a positive consumer experience can be applied to the employee experience.

  • Personalized – understand the specific needs and challenges of your employees, and work to address them.
  • Transparent – creating the optimal environment should be collaborative, including employees as an important part of the conversation.
  • Real-time accessibility – the HR experience should be efficient, easy to access, and simple to use so that employees can focus on more strategic efforts.
  • Technology-enabled – leverage technology to provide the flexibility, access, and self-service your employees expect.

The right technology, combined with a strategic approach to your employee experience, can help you attract and keep the right employees. Workforce Go! HCM provides the platform you need to transform the employee experience at your company. To learn more about Workforce Go! HCM, contact us today at or 214-800-5575.

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