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August 12, 2018

Times are changing. So should your timekeeping system.

The way employees work — and the way businesses have to track that work — is evolving quickly. If you’re using an outdated software-based timekeeping system, it’s time to think about updating. The best part is, if you update to our cloud-based solution, you might never have to upgrade again. Plus you can raise productivity and lower costs.

So, is it time for you to switch? Ask yourself these 5 questions about your current system to find out:
1. Does my current system automatically update to keep up with today’s changing workforce?
Our cloud-based solution is always up-to-date. No costly software upgrades. No downtime. No hassles. So when working habits change, the way your business tracks hours and attendance can automatically change too.
2. Is the timekeeping software we use now easy for managers and employees to use, almost anywhere?
All you need to enter, track and manage time and attendance with our system is an internet browser. And, because everything exists in the cloud, we can listen to user feedback and quickly make changes to keep things streamlined and simple for all users.
3. Does it seem like our IT department is always spending time and money trying to keep our timekeeping system up-to-date, or even working?
Software updates. Maintenance. Server space. They all cost money and take up valuable IT resources. Our cloud-based solution eliminates all three, so your IT staff can focus on business growth.
4. Is our current software-based timekeeping system protecting us from compliance risk?
With our cloud-based timekeeping and attendance solution, you’ll never have to worry about out-of-date software jeopardizing compliance with labor-related regulatory policies. If policies change, we simply update everything on the cloud — without disrupting corporate payroll operations.
5. Can we run customized, robust reports quickly and easily with our current system?
Customizable, powerful reporting features are built right into our cloud-based solution. In fact, we add new features and functionality on a continuous basis, to help businesses increase functionality, improve productivity and streamline processes.
Depending on how many “No” answers you got, it might be time to say “Yes” to updating. Migrating to our solution is affordable and easy, and you can be up and running quickly.
To learn even more about cloud-based timekeeping and attendance management, and how it can help your business, download the white paper Time to Evaluate Your Timekeeping System. And to find out more about Workforce Go!,
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