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May 21, 2019

The right workforce solution for your nonprofit

Our HCM Solution for Nonprofits

Just like companies in the private sector, your nonprofit organization has to control costs, improve efficiency, manage compliance, and maximize your workforce. In addition, you’re probably dealing with issues that include reduced funding, an increased demand for services, and a workforce that may be in multiple locations.


The right workforce management solution can help you meet these challenges. Today’s cloud-based technologies allow you to manage and engage your employees to better support your program goals. We offer nonprofit organizations easy-to-use workforce management and human capital management (HCM) solutions that help you control labor costs, maximize efficiency, and hire and retain the right employees. Some of the benefits include:


Track employee time

Our workforce management solutions enable you to accurately track employee time and allocate it by program, project, grant, and asset.


Allocate labor costs

Assign costs to the right cost centers, even if your employees work multiple job across various departments and locations.


Manage a dispersed workforce

Having the right people in the right place at the right time is a challenge, especially if your programs and services are delivered across multiple locations. Our automated scheduling tools make it easy to assign the right person to each position.


Hire and retain the best workers

Streamline the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process, leading to employees who are the best fit for your organization and more confident about their responsibilities.


Improve employee engagement

Our solutions increase employee engagement by ensuring that paychecks are accurate and issued on time, and by giving employees more self-service options and flexibility over their scheduling.


Reduce compliance risk

A mix of full-time, part-time, contract, and temporary employees, all of whom may work in various locations, can make it challenging to comply with labor regulations governing issues such as breaks, meals, and overtime. An automated workforce solution helps you manage compliance with features that track actual time worked as well as meal and rest breaks.


Workforce Go! and Workforce Go! HCM offer the flexibility you need to effectively manage your workforce, freeing up more of your time and resources to support your critical services and programs. To find out more, contact Workforce Go! today at info@myworkforcego.com or 214-800-5575.


Want to know more about our nonprofit solution? Click here to download our industry brief.

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