August 19, 2019

Take Your HCM On the Go With the Workforce Go! Mobile App

In today’s complex work environment, your employees and managers need to be able to access critical employee information and perform HR tasks from a multitude of locations, at times that might fall outside “normal” business hours. And providing employees with self-service solutions that give them capability and autonomy to make their own choices and decisions results in a more engaged workforce.

The Workforce Go! WFReady mobile app allows managers and employees to handle common HR, payroll, and time and attendance tasks on mobile devices, just like they can on a desktop. Employees can perform functions such as punching in and out, requesting time off or shift swaps, and submitting timesheets. Managers can approve time off requests, review timesheets, and gain a comprehensive view of their HR metrics. And our geofencing function ensures that employees are punching in and out from the right locations.

Workforce Go! HCM provides a comprehensive suite of tools that allow you to manage your HR tasks on the go – from anywhere, on any device. Contact us today at or 214-800-5575 to find out more.




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