People Management

  • Everything’s in one place, and you can access it anywhere.
  • Control global policies and local requirements.
  • Self-service empowers staff and saves HR time
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Everything in one place. A standard layout means it’s easy to find information at a glance.

  • Get a complete view of every person in your workforce, wherever they’re located.
  • Change or add workforce information just once, and automated workflows can update other settings in response.
  • Enable employees to update their profiles through self-service.
  • See who reports to whom through dynamic org charts, and get an instant view of goals, objectives and performance.
  • View past and present salary, bonuses, commissions, stock options and benefits.
  • Provide self-service for flexible benefits and open enrolment.
  • See the big picture with global rollup including pay periods and historic currency conversion.
  • Integrate your HR software seamlessly with multiple payrolls, benefit carriers, finance and other third party applications.
  • Tie pay and bonus to performance management, all in one system.
  • Save HR staff time with self-service PTO, vacation and absence management software.
  • Configure vacation and absence rules for 100+ countries or territories.
  • Manage full approval and reporting processes within the system, and integrate them with payroll.
  • Review absences and team member vacations on one calendar.
  • Capture time data easily with user-friendly self-service timesheets and time management software.
  • Organize time reports by work allocation, hours worked or shift and overtime payments.
  • Flexibly configure shift and overtime rules with our attendance management software.
  • Keep everything connected – the system offers full approval, reporting and integration to multiple third party payrolls.