Think of us as the experts who can help you get payroll, people, and time done right. We take the time to find out what makes your organization and people tick and truly listen. With an unwavering passion for customer success, our team is dedicated to standing by your side every step of the way. When you turn to us, we’ll make it all seem simple.

Service Philosophy

The Best of Both Worlds…Our Technology and Service. Through our leading HCM technology organizations can have it all without sacrificing service. Receive one-on-one client training and support. Deal with experiences service professionals who understand your business inside and out while leave your HCM complexities to us. Receive best-in-class solutions while still receiving personalized support.

Payroll Services

Workforce Go! HCM Payroll

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An integrated payroll engine that simplifies your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options.

Workforce Go! HCM Payroll Datasheet

Workforce Go! HCM Full Service Payroll


6 phases in our “No Chance For Failure” implementation process: The Planning Phase, the Assess Phase, the Solution Build Phase, Test & Certify, Deploy & Support Phase and then the Value Add Phase.

Implementation Process Overview

Planning Assess Solution Build
  • Getting Started webinar
  • E-Learning videos/ Discovery training
  • Checklist items & deliverables
  • Shared Success meeting
  • Project Manager introduction
  • Kickoff
  • Complete Discovery process
  • Discovery calls
  • Discuss goals and success criteria
  • Review best practices
  • Extract data & provide data imports
  • Approve Solution Design documents
  • System Build
  • Integrations (if applicable)
  • Mount & configure time clocks (if being used)
  • Complete e-Learning videos
  • Attend Administrator training
Test & Certify Deploy & Support Value Add
  • Solution overview
  • Testing workshops
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Conduct internal training
  • Parallel test periods
  • “Go live”
  • Production live signoff & acceptance
  • Employees using solution
  • Additional training, if needed
  • Process 1st & 2nd Payroll
  • Transition to Client Services Representative Support (CSR)
  • Implement remaining modules