August 1, 2018

Open Letter to Our Partners

As previously mentioned in our newsletter the #1 focus for 2018 is how we provide a great experience for our partners and clients with every interaction. Workforce Go! is off to a tremendous start to 2018 with a successful first half of 2018 and it is through our partners that we will continue our successful year and growing your business as well.
To accompany our growth Workforce Go! has expanding our resources growing our team that support our partners and clients through sales, marketing, implementation, support, and development. Our teams will be working with a strategy of continuous process improvement to be the easiest partner to engage with and provide the best in class HCM solution within the market. Together the value we present to organizations is unmatched and will drive a competitive advantage that cannot be beat.
We would like to thank you again for your partnership with Workforce Go! and our continued journey to provide solutions for success to organizations.
Today, we bring you our next publication of the partner newsletter! It contains all the latest product and industry-related information to help you bring Workforce Go! HCM to your clients.
Please let us know if you have any feedback! We see this as your newsletter and want the content to be relevant to you.*
— Chris Goheen, President, Workforce Go!
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