July 24, 2018

Making the Most of Your Analytics

We understand that every HR team is different. That’s why we take a customized approach to helping you get everything you can from Workforce Go!. Our first objective is helping you get your key players comfortable with having and using the organization-wide and department-wide analytics that make them more effective. We work with you to ensure that you’re getting the information you need – when you need it – from our dashboards.
We designed Workforce Go! with the entire organization in mind. But we know that seeing the data for your entire organization can be overwhelming and leave you feeling paralyzed.
So we work with you to break it down by answering these questions:
Who are the key users?What data do they need for their specific responsibilities?What are their biggest challenges and pain points?What are their goals?How can you help?
Here are some of the ways key users can use Workforce Go! to get a better handle on their departments, or the organization as a whole.
Super User
Support operations team with employee/department metrics to managersProvide better reporting/visuals for board/executive meetingsHelp HR pinpoint reasons for turnover: voluntary vs. involuntaryAssist payroll in analyzing pay data by employee gender (benefits & comp.)
Senior Management
Investment/employee vs. revenue/employeeCash required for next payrollTurnover by EINCurrent workforce countAnalysis of company compensation vs. competitors
Human Resources
Benefits enrollmentTurnover by reason or tenureCompany attributesCurrent workforce by departmentWage by genderPosition staffing trendsException trendsCompensation by employeeAccruals
Cash required for next payrollPayroll history by departmentPayroll history by employeeHistorical employer investmentEmployer investment by employee
Cash required for next payrollInvestment/employee vs. revenue/employeeCurrent workforce countWage by genderEmployer investment trend
Overtime hours by department or employeeOvertime pay by department or employeeTurnover by reason or tenureCurrent workforce countPosition staffing trendsHours worked by departmentWage analysis by employee
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