November 19, 2018

How Powerful Is Your Payroll?

How Powerful Is Your Payroll?

In today’s “do more with less” culture, payroll-related tasks are often taking up a more significant percentage of available employee hours. How can you free up valuable time for your overburdened HR and admin staff, so they can concentrate on tasks that add value to your business instead? In our new, free ebook Maximizing Time and Creating Value in Payroll, we’ll show you how a single-source platform for payroll and time and attendance can create powerful efficiencies within the three core areas of payroll — compliance, processes, and data visibility.

1. Minimizing Compliance Risk Without Overburdening Admin Staff

In a perfect world, your payroll technology solution should automatically update regulatory and compliance data so you’re always on top of the latest rules and regulations. At the very least, those updates should be available for download on demand. Why? Because otherwise, your business is at a higher risk of regulatory non-compliance, which can be extremely costly.

Our fully integrated, single platform for payroll and timekeeping not only helps your company stay compliant, but can also significantly reduce the time-consuming burden of keeping up with changing regulations manually.

2. Improving Productivity While Doing More With Less

Today, admin teams across all categories of business are being asked to produce the same quality and volume of work with fewer resources. By automating and outsourcing payroll processes — especially manual processes like data entry — you can streamline tasks and alleviate overworked staff.

Our self-service and mobile options for employees eliminate tasks that would typically involve an admin professional (e.g., tax changes, direct deposit forms, and address changes). This can significantly reduce the amount of time administrators spend on daily routine tasks.

3. Increasing Data Visibility to Drive Business Decisions

You already know that payroll is about more than just making sure people get paid correctly and on time. It also provides vital data to help you make smart, profitable decisions. Because of this, payroll departments are getting flooded with an increasing number of data requests throughout the year.

Our single solution for payroll and timekeeping improves data accuracy and access. You and your managers will be able to pull data — quickly and easily — from a single system. And because that data is already in a usable format, it can provide real-time insights to help manage costs and grow the organization.

We Have the Key to Getting Powerful Results

The Workforce Go! HCM solution provides a single platform that works for your entire workforce — and all your workforce management needs — from time and attendance to payroll, HR, and more. For more information, click here to read the free ebook Maximizing Time and Creating Value in Payroll. And to find out how Workforce Go! can help you deliver powerful results, call us at 214.800.5575.

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