October 6, 2017

Demo: Trends in Nonprofit Human Capital Management

How to Build a Highly Engaged Nonprofit Workforce

Workforce Go! and JMT Consulting presented a demo during a free webinar September 26, 2017. 


Every nonprofit is being disrupted. The workforce is undergoing radical changes with the need to manage more generations than ever before (millennials to baby boomers) in every region of the world with increasing any varying worker expectations.


After viewing How to Build a Highly Engaged Workforce, Nonprofit Executives will:

  • Better understand the technology solutions available to increase employee engagement

  • Learn how to attract and retain key talent; and

  • Improve skills to make HR more strategic

In this session, nonprofit and human capital management professionals discussed how to create a better employee experience. They focused on ways to increase employee engagement in your nonprofit by using technologies that address evolving workforce needs.


HR leaders, payroll staff and executive directors will benefit from the tools discussed.



Brendan Sohan, JMT Consulting Group

Chris Goheen, Workforce Go!

Maria Caputo, Workforce Go!


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