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Efficiencies Surpass Expectations for Managing Contractual and Full-Time Employees

About Speech Pathology Group

Location: N/A

Company Size: Mid-Size

Products: Payroll, Time & Labor

Integration: Sage Intacct

SPG required software with the power to handle frequent roster changes since the majority of the company’s employees are seasonal. They also needed payroll and general ledger solutions that communicated with one another.

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Quote from Speech Pathology Group

Once Workforce Go! and Sage Intacct were in place, SPG revamped pretty much every process in HR and accounting and felt improvements right away.

Improvements with Workforce Go! & Sage Intacct

  • Faster payroll processing: 375 labor hours per year saved
  • Streamlined payroll & employee records management
  • Easy categorization of various employee types & detailed reporting using dimensional accounting
  • Speedier information retrieval due to 24/7 access from any location within the cloud