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November 5, 2018

Speech Pathology Group – Efficiencies Surpass Expectations

Efficiencies Surpass Expectations for Managing Contractual and Full-Time Employees

Professional Services, Education,Staffing

Organization Size

Due to the nature of school-based contractual work, SPG recruits speech language pathologists and behavior intervention specialists to fill approximately 300 slots annually. SPG also employs 25 full-time office personnel.

“Once Workforce Go! and Sage Intacct were in place, SPG revamped pretty much every process in HR and accounting and felt improvements right away.”

“I can’t imagine not having Workforce Go!. We are so wrapped into the system. Everything works better. Everything is faster. I can’t even think of going into a system like Quickbooks again.”

Erika Seitz
Systems Controller/Accounting Manager
The Speech Pathology Group

Challenge History

The Speech Pathology Group (SPG) was using Quickbooks. However, as the organization grew, SPG was restricted by
the software’s limitations, especially the payroll processing capacity of 150 employees. When the full-time plus seasonal contractual headcount rose to 210, the system was often on the verge of crashing.

In addition, workflow across departments was inefficient.
Teams tracked data on many disparate spreadsheets, which caused accounting discrepancies and confusion. Managers couldn’t rely on information provided in reports, so they based financial plans on foggy intelligence.

Improvements with Workforce Go! & Sage Intacct

  • Faster payroll processing: 375 labor hours per year saved
  • Streamlined payroll & employee records management
  • Easy categorization of various employee types & detailed reporting using dimensional accounting
  • Speedier information retrieval due to 24/7 access from any location within the cloud

Why The Speech Pathology Group Chose Workforce Go!

SPG required software with the power to handle frequent roster changes since the majority of the company’s employees are seasonal. They also needed payroll and general ledger solutions that communicated with one another.
They purchased Workforce Go! for its payroll and time coding features. They also liked the seamless integration with Sage Intacct accounting software, so they simultaneously implemented both systems. Initially, SPG did not consider using a full human capital management system. However, as they incorporated Workforce Go! into daily processes, management was so impressed with overall efficiency improvements that they added human resources modules.

Cross-Departmental Benefits

All of SPG’s teams hold brainstorm sessions to continually determine the best ways Workforce Go! can increase efficiencies. Some staff members find that eliminating particular spreadsheets can save a tremendous amount of time. Others use it to streamline the flow of data to intended recipients. Administrative and recruiting teams both use Workforce Go! to more easily access and coordinate new employee information.

State Employment Law Compliance

California, the state in which SPG operates, has sick time accrual policy rules that differ by employee work location. Previously, SPG did not have a way to track legally required information for staff assigned to various sites. Now, with Workforce Go! and Sage Intacct, SPG stays compliant with confidence.

About The Speech Pathology Group (SPG)
SPG contracts highly qualified speech/language pathologists and behavior intervention specialists to school districts and other educational providers throughout California, and owns and operates pediatric/adult clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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