September 6, 2018

Are You Overcompensating, Overstaffing, and Overpaying?

If you answered yes, then unnecessary overtime may be costing your business big bucks. When you’re not sure how many hours your employees are working, the result is often to overpay for overtime – with no idea whether or not you have it right. Those additional labor costs eat into your profits.

And the impact isn’t just financial: studies show that the productivity of employees who work overtime may actually decrease in the long run over those working a 40-hour week. The impact can be physical, emotional, and psychological.

Workforce Go! is a cloud-based, automated workforce solution that allows you to better align scheduling with your company’s needs, so you can minimize unnecessary overtime and maximize productivity. In addition to improving your workforce scheduling and utilization, it eliminates many of the time-consuming manual processes your managers may be using to create and communicate schedules.

For more information on how reducing unnecessary overtime can benefit your company, download the fact sheet . And to find out more about Workforce Go!, contact us today.

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